An Urgent Plea from Dick Morris


Stand with Scott Walker and Turn Back Obama’s Unions!

Dear friend:

When I appeared on Fox News with Bill O’Reilly and I publicly urged Gov. Scott Walker to begin massive layoffs of state employees.

The Democrats in the state Senate are playing a stall game.

They believe time is on their side. That key Republicans will cave and push Scott Walker to a “compromise.”

We cannot let that happen!

I am urging Scott Walker to not just threaten layoffs, but begin them.

This way, Democrats will have to come back to the state capital, Madison and finally allow the democratic process to go ahead and do what they were elected to do: vote!

My sources in Wisconsin tell me the millions of dollars the big unions and Obama allies have poured into the state have had an effect.

Many supporters of Scott Walker are getting cold feet.

This is why the League of American Voters efforts are so important.

The League has been running radio ads across the state, supporting Scott Walker and revealing the big unions’ real agenda and the threat it poses to taxpayers.

The big public employee unions know what’s at stake. If they lose in Wisconsin, they will lose in many other states across the nation. They will lose in Washington.

They will not only lose their wrench-like grip on high salaries with lavish health and pension benefits, they will also lose their monopolistic control of sectors like education.

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Scott Walker’s Audacious Plan

Gov. Scott Walker announced yesterday an audacious plan.

In the wake of the outrageous behavior of state Senators who refuse to allow the democratic process to work and are stubbornly stopping a full vote, Scott Walker announced his two-year budget plan.

This plan lays off 22,000 state employees and cuts $1.5 billion in aid to localities.

Clearly, Gov. Walker is making the tough choices Washington and the Obama White House refuse to make.

You can bet that Obama and friends absolutely fear what Scott Walker is doing.

If Gov. Walker succeeds it will send shockwaves across the nation, allowing other states, cities and even Washington lawmakers to slash spending while holding the bloated public employee unions accountable.

It is unacceptable the public employees believe they have a right to make 25 percent or more in salary than their same hard-working, private sector counterparts.

Today, the country is in the worst recession in modern times. Things are not looking better.

We are all making economic sacrifices.

But the big public employee unions have had a near stranglehold on federal, state and local budgets.

Thanks to your help the League is airing radio ads blanketing the state, and telephone calls being made to voters.

Their work is really critical. Here’s why.

The well-funded left is trying to pressure Republican lawmakers to “compromise” and cave in to the unions demands.

Sadly, some Republicans are beginning to crack.

I believe that Gov. Walker’s proposals lay the groundwork for states all across the union to allow for firing incompetent teachers, to begin offering merit pay to the good teachers and even school choice programs.

If once liberal and blue state Wisconsin is able to defeat the public employee unions and the teachers and close down their rackets, the floodgates will open.

That’s what’s at stake. The unions and Obama allies know it.

And they are acting in a big way to stop us and Gov. Walker.

The League is one of the few groups in the nation fighting in Wisconsin.

Right now, they want to roll out a TV ad to air across the state to support Gov. Walker.

But they need funds to it – Donate Here Now

I can tell you that already the League has had a powerful effect.

The League of American Voters has been credited with stopping Obama’s “public option” which would have destroyed private health insurance.

It also led the campaign to renew the Bush Tax Cuts. Now, it has taken the lead in Wisconsin.

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Thank you.

Yours for America,

Dick Morris

P.S. Gov. Walker is under enormous pressure. I am urging him to move against the outrageous behavior of Democrats blocking a vote in the Senate. He needs to do layoffs now. But he also needs strong public support at this critical juncture. Please help the League show its support for Gov. Walker – Donate Here Now


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