Dick Morris’ Urgent Letter to Stop Obama Plan

Dear Fellow American:

I am writing to you to ask for your help in what might be the most important fight of our lives — defeating Obama’s plans to destroy our health care system in America.

Time is running out, so let me be get right to the point: Barack Obama and his liberal allies are on the verge of implementing a socialist takeover of one-seventh of the U.S. economy.

It’s as simple as that.

But there’s still some hope.

Right now, we have a very brief window of opportunity while Congress is on vacation this month.

It is extremely urgent that you contact your senators and representatives immediately and let them know how you feel about Obama’s plan.

It is also important to keep reading this letter, as there are other things you can do to stop Obama’s plan.

This may be our last chance.

When they return in September, Congress will vote on Obama’s health care plans.

So, please make sure there is no confusion about how you feel — and let them know that you’ll be holding them accountable.

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The price of the health care proposal is staggering. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has estimated the cost will be at least $1.6 trillion! There is no way that our health care costs — and our taxes — won’t soar.

Proposals to tax the wealthy, tax employer health care benefits that we already receive, tax insurance companies, tax employers, and even tax the middle class are being discussed. Some combination of them will be required to pay for this audacious program.

But the real problem is not just the cost. The real problem is that the Obama/Democratic plan will destroy your private health care at the same time it destroys the current Medicare system.

Here’s why.

Both the Senate and House plans call for immediately adding almost 50 million new patients — including 12 million illegal aliens — to government medical care without adding any new doctors or nurses!

How can the existing 800,000 doctors in the U.S. possibly absorb this exorbitant number of new patients while still caring for their existing patients?

They can’t — there’s no question about it!

As I point out in my new book, Catastrophe, that’s why the rationing of health care will be inevitable.

Without rationing, the program cannot succeed.

That’s why the Obama/Democratic plan intends that faceless unaccountable bureaucrats, not doctors, will be deciding who gets what care.

Canada has such a system. Patients there spend months waiting for MRI’s, appointments with specialists, and much-needed chemotherapy and surgeries.

And in some cases, medical care is simply denied.

Here’s how it will work under the Obama plan: if you’re old and near death, you probably won’t have access to the full spectrum of medical services that are currently available to you, In fact, a good part of the time, you will never even see a doctor.

The elderly — especially those who need Medicare — and the sickest will suffer the most under this plan as government bureaucrats need to cut more and more services to accommodate the millions of new people in the government health system.

Instead of the Medicare services that we know, care for the elderly will dramatically change.

This means, for example, if your are over 70 and a government bureaucrat believes the public should not invest in a life-saving heart procedure because you are too old and it is too expensive — he can make that decision!

Don’t believe it?

Well, it’s exactly how they do rationing in Britain and Canada. The bureaucrats decide whether you will live or die.

Obama’s plan is nothing more than a clever ruse to eventually abolish private health care in America.

The Obama plan calls for offering every citizen and business the option of joining the “public option” — the government subsidized health care system.

Obama has claimed under his plan you still “keep your doctor, you keep your insurer.”

That’s baloney.

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Under the Obama plan, any business will be permitted to opt to transfer ALL of their employees into the public, government run system.

And once in, you never get out!

I have no doubt that many businesses and individuals will opt for the system, because healthy people usually chose the cheaper system.

The public option, subsidized with your tax dollars, will be much cheaper than private insurers.

As healthy people and businesses leave private insurers — which they will do in droves — private insurers will find their base of healthy payers dwindle. This may cause insurance companies to go out of business.

Obama Care will hurt small businesses. Already, the House bill requires employers with a payroll of $400,000 to pay for health insurance for all employees, including part time workers. This will be an enormous burden.

We need to stop Obama’s takeover of health care and we can!

Weeks ago, Obama thought he could roll up Democrats in the House and Senate, and have his plan by August 1st. But August 1st came and went. Now, his new plan is to rush it through as soon as Congress returns.

Don’t let that happen! We need to target the key decision makers.

Democrats, especially “blue dog” moderates, are scared to death about the Obama health care plan.

They know it’s dangerous.

They know voters will be repulsed by it.

That’s why it’s absolutely critical we get the word out about Obama Care.

President Obama is trying to intimidate voters from expressing their views about this crucial issue.

The White House recently asked that people forward to it any “suspicious” emails attacking the health care program. Don’t be intimidated. Contact your members of Congress and confront them with the serious flaws in the Democratic bills. Go to any forums that are held in your district.

And there’s more that we can all do.

Recently, I worked with the League of American Voters, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating American voters about the threat posed by Obama Care.

It was put together a powerful television ad that I helped create, featuring a respected a neurosurgeon, who explains the threat Obama Care poses to all Americans, especially seniors.

The League of American Voters needs to air this TV ad in key states in the coming weeks.

Americans need to see this ad all over the place. Congressmen and Senators need to see this ad and hear about it.

I believe this is just the first step in turning back Obama Care.

The League of American Voters needs your urgent help today.

There are 40 Democratic Congressman who are from districts John McCain won in the last election.

They may listen carefully to what their constituents are saying. We especially need to let the voters in those districts know exactly what their member of Congress is doing in Washington.

The League is trying to raise $5 million to stop Obama Care by airing this and other ads in these 40 key districts. We can do it, but we need your help today.

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Please help. Don’t delay!

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Dick Morris

P.S. As I write this, there are 40 Democratic Congressman who are from districts John McCain won in the last election. We especially need to let the voters in these districts know what their Congressman are doing in Washington. The League needs $5 million to stop Obama Care by airing this and other ads in these 40 key districts. We can do it, but we need your help today. Donate today — Go Here Now!


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