We Are America’s Voters


Dear Friend:

The ObamaCare “train wreck” is closer than you think.

This year the first wave of ObamaCare regulations and taxes has already begun to hit.

And insurance policy holders like you and me are being whacked with massive premium increases.

Worse, Medicare recipients — folks who paid into the system — are beginning to suffer as their benefits are being diverted to help tens of millions of freeloaders.

Thought that was the worst?

Well, business owners all across the country are warning of massive layoffs and an economic slowdown.

The Congressional Budget Office, known for its fierce non-partisanship, now admits that 7 million Americans could lose their private insurance.

These are just some of the facts about ObamaCare that horrify me.

That’s why I believe the No. 1 priority for Congress is to stop ObamaCare!

Yes, stop it dead in its tracks.

And I have a plan to do just that.

Working with the League of American Voters, the powerful grass-roots organization I lead as national chairman, I know it can be done.

But I need your help today.

First, let me walk you through just how dangerous and radical this ObamaCare law really is.

Federal bureaucrats have already written more than 20,000 complicated regulations to go along with the 2,700-page law that Nancy Pelosi pushed through Congress — a law no one had time to read before they voted for it!

Now, this law will fundamentally change your healthcare for the worse.

Polls consistently show Americans don’t want ObamaCare — its taxes and fees, Medicare cuts, and other onerous demands.

I think you are among the majority of Americans who want ObamaCare stopped and are willing to help.

Even senators and congressmen who voted for this law are having second thoughts.

Sen. Max Baucus, a leading Democrat who backed ObamaCare, recently complained during a Senate hearing, “I just see a huge train wreck coming down.”

And he’s one of the senators who actually wrote the ObamaCare law!

Baucus is speaking honestly now because he is so panicked about the damage ObamaCare will do that he decided not to run for re-election!

Fortunately for him, Baucus can run from ObamaCare.

But you can’t. I can’t. The country can’t.

You Can Sign My Petition to Defund Obamacare – Sign It Here Now

You Can Derail ObamaCare

The fact is it is too late to repeal ObamaCare.

The House of Representatives has passed bills fully repealing ObamaCare. But they have failed in the Senate.

And Obama will NEVER sign a law repealing ObamaCare.

But ObamaCare needs oxygen and that oxygen is money from Congress.

I believe we can defeat ObamaCare using the provisions in the Constitution itself that give Congress the power to stop the funding of ObamaCare.

Congress can simply defund ObamaCare without ever repealing the law.

The League of American Voters has developed a simple strategy to prevent the implementation of ObamaCare.

Until a future Congress comes to its senses and repeals it, the law remains on the books.

But here’s the rub.

Congress controls the funding of ObamaCare.

No funding … no ObamaCare.

If Congress doesn’t fund the implementation of the law … it won’t get implemented.

And that’s where you join the fight.

By signing the League’s petition urging Congress to cut off funding for ObamaCare, you will join me in the effort to stop this hideous law.

You will stop the massive Medicare cuts ObamaCare requires.

You will stop the empaneling of so-called Independent Payment Advisory Boards — what Sarah Palin called “Death Panels” — committees of faceless bureaucrats who will decide what medical services you get or don’t get.

You will stop the IRS from hiring 17,000 new enforcement agents to implement ObamaCare’s massive tax and mandate features.

You will stop the massive demands on insurance companies that are causing premiums to skyrocket.

By simply going online now and signing the Defund ObamaCare petition you will join literally hundreds of thousands of your fellow Americans urging Congress to listen to the public and stop ObamaCare dead in its tracks now!

Remember, the Constitution says Congress — not the president — provides for and devises all tax and spending bills.

The president can approve or veto those laws.

Members of the House and Senate can simply stop ObamaCare by not sending any budget bill to the president’s desk that includes any funding whatsoever for ObamaCare.

It’s that simple. Yes!

You may say this won’t work and that petitions are useless.

You are wrong.

The politicians of both parties are fearful of you.

When they see millions of Americans demanding this, they will act.

I have signed the petition.

Now I need you to.

One more thing: Once the petition drive is complete, as chairman of the League of American Voters, I will personally make sure that our Defund ObamaCare petition is hand-delivered to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House John Boehner.

I will make this special effort.

But I need your support to do it!

Sign My Petition to Defund Obamacare – Sign It Here Now

Act Now Before You Lose Your Doctor

The Association of Medical Colleges predicts that by 2020 the U.S. will have a shortage of 90,000 doctors.

One of the missing could easily be yours.

This is an artificial shortage created by ObamaCare.

ObamaCare rules, red tape and payment limitations are already causing many doctors to either stop practicing, stop accepting Medicare patients or stop accepting insurance.

Combine that with the 30 million (yes, I said million!) new patients that ObamaCare adds to the rolls — all of whom will have access to “free” medical care — and you have a situation the term “train wreck” doesn’t begin to describe.

Guess what? Even this administration has figured out there may be a shortage of primary care doctors.

One of the solutions being considered is replacing doctors with nurses!

That’s right, some government officials think replacing a doctor — who has undergone 21,000 hours of training and direct clinical experience — with a nurse practitioner, who can have as little as 3,500 hours of experience, is a practical solution.

But it gets worse.

As I mentioned earlier, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that more than 7 million Americans will lose their current health insurance.

Here’s why: ObamaCare’s demands on business are so draconian that many business owners will stop health benefits for their employees and pay a fine.

It’s actually cheaper for businesses to pay the fine than buy expensive ObamaCare insurance!

Millions of working Americans will be forced to go to government-run exchanges to get healthcare for themselves and their families.

And guess who will pay for these folks if they don’t bother to get insurance? You got it — you and me!

And for those who stay on insurance, the nightmare has only just begun.

Since ObamaCare became law in 2010, insurance premiums have already been skyrocketing — up almost 30% and the law hasn’t even been implemented!

Under the ObamaCare law, every insurance company must provide insurance to even those who become sick and don’t have insurance!

This is the equivalent of getting homeowners insurance only after your home burns down!

Only government could think up such a crazy scheme.

Well, you’ve heard the saying that there is no such a thing as a free lunch.

Well, there’s no such thing as free medical care either.

Someone has to pay… and that someone is you!

You will pay in higher insurance premiums to cover the new 30 million people not currently insured.

You will pay in massive tax hikes — when all is said and done over the next 10 years you and I will be hit with more than $1 trillion in new taxes and costs!

Frankly, the full truth about ObamaCare has been laid out in a New York Times best-selling book called the “ObamaCare Survival Guide.”

Newsmax, my favorite online news source, says the “ObamaCare Survival Guide” is the “best guide to the new law — one every American family must have to protect themselves and their family.”

You Can Sign My Petition to Defund Obamacare – Sign It Here Now

The Amazing ‘Cadillac’ Tax Set to Strike

One of the amazing things the “ObamaCare Survival Guide” reveals is the impact of Obama’s “Cadillac” tax.

The Cadillac tax is a 40% tax — yes, read that again, a 40% tax — on what was supposed to be luxury healthcare plans.

Today only a small fraction of those currently insured will be hit with this 40% tax.

But ObamaCare was very sneaky. It didn’t index current insurance plans for inflation.

So now experts are saying that within several years, as many as 70% of all Americans will be hit with this Cadillac tax — a whopping 40% tax added onto their healthcare premiums!

But remember — as the Supreme Court admitted — ObamaCare is one giant tax.

And you’re paying this tax in the form of insurance premiums, taxes on your income, taxes on capital gains, and other hidden fees and taxes.

In fact the “ObamaCare Survival Guide” reveals as many as 22 hidden tax schemes.

But the worst is going to be insurance premiums people pay.

Two House of Representative committees this year reported that private insurance premiums will rise by as much as 200% in the next several years.

Scary, isn’t it?

After reading that you should be asking “where is this petition” so you can sign right now!

But that’s not the worst of it.

I guarantee you will be paying more — in some instances much, much more — for crowded medical services from a doctor (or even worse, a nurse) who could be a complete a stranger to you and your family.

Sign My Petition to Defund Obamacare – Sign It Here Now

If You Don’t Believe Me Read This

Recently the Society of Actuaries — experts paid to predict insurance costs — estimated the minimum increase in the cost for individual plans through ObamaCare health exchanges will be 32% and in some states the increase could be as much as 80%.

The cost for an individual plan under one BlueCross BlueShield program may increase 150% even before ObamaCare is fully implemented!

These crippling increases in insurance cost will be felt nationwide.

By 2017 the estimated increase in California is 62%, 80% in Ohio and over 20% in Florida.

The evidence is now overwhelming that the cost of healthcare is going to skyrocket as a result of ObamaCare.

But remember we were promised that ObamaCare would reduce healthcare costs, allow us to keep our health insurance and keep our doctors.

Those promises have turned out to be a complete lie.

ObamaCare was sold to gullible politicians as a way to reduce health insurance costs.

By forcing everyone to have coverage, the cost would be spread over a large pool of rate payers.

But that isn’t the way the law was written.

Responsible people like you, who have been paying for health insurance for years, will be paying for your insurance and covering the cost of freeloaders.

That’s reason enough to sign the petition to Defund ObamaCare — before you sign the check to pay for insurance premium increases.

Any law that encourages people to take advantage of the system is a law that should not have money to be enforced.

Welcome to the Third World

Henry Chao, deputy chief information officer at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, let the cat out of the bag when he warned healthcare executives to “make sure (ObamaCare) is not a third-world experience.”

Even the United Union of Roofers, part of the Obama administration collection of union bosses who have received ObamaCare waivers, called for a repeal or complete reform of ObamaCare.

They are not alone.

Millions of union members have generous health plans. These will be among the first to be hit with the so-called 40% Cadillac tax.

My point here is that there is growing and wide support to defund ObamaCare.

I know we can win this battle.

I just need your help with this petition and igniting the prairie fire of revolt against the funding of this law.

I must stop here and ask you: Which is easier?

Signing the League’s petition to defund ObamaCare and taking a positive step toward preventing this train wreck, or spending hours filling out government forms and then hoping federal insurance will accept your family doctor?

You Can Sign My Petition to Defund Obamacare – Sign It Here Now

Turn Off the Spigot for ObamaCare

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, a good friend of my dad, Ronald Reagan, used to say the problem with socialism is eventually socialists run out of other people’s money.

The same is true for our healthcare socialists, but before they run out, they intend to take much of your money!

That’s what is so attractive about the League’s plan to shut off the money spigot now, before ObamaCare can get started.

Your signature on the petition won’t cost you a dime, but it could save you a fortune.

Congress can defund the federal health insurance exchanges.

Congress can defund the IRS enforcement mechanisms. Congress can shut ObamaCare down, if it feels the pressure from you and others like you.

Please take a minute to sign the League of American Voters’ Defund ObamaCare petition.

The Coming Medicare Meltdown

ObamaCare’s $1 trillion-plus cost has to be paid by someone and seniors have just been presented with the bill.

Over the next 10 years Medicare will be cut more than $700 billion to reduce the crippling financial impact of ObamaCare.

Your Medicare dollars will be going to people who never paid into the system like you did.

But that’s not the worst of it. These cuts will have a direct and obvious impact on you.

In fact it’s a dirty little secret: The expansion of prescription drug benefits — which politicians have been so proud of — in no way compensates for the potentially devastating impact of the billions of dollars in cuts to Medicare.

If you are on Medicare, you will experience the effect of these cuts personally.

Here’s another little secret. ObamaCare has created the so-called “Medicaid-Medicare Parity Rule.”

That means Medicaid patients get equal benefits to Medicare patients — people who paid into the system their whole lives.

Experts say this parity rule will hurt Medicare in two ways.

First, precious Medicare funds will be shared with Medicaid recipients. Everyone will get less care as doctors’ offices will be swamped!

And doctors will refuse to take Medicare patients due to cuts in what the government pays for services. (In fact they already are.)

Waiting rooms of the doctors that continue to accept Medicare will be jammed.

As a direct result you will wait longer for an appointment, a procedure, tests or even surgery.

Stop the Coming ‘Train Wreck!’

Everything I have said has been demonstrated by fact. There is no real dispute about the coming “train wreck” Sen. Baucus is predicting.

That’s why it’s vital you sign the League’s petition today and then get the rest of your family and friends to sign, too.

Defunding ObamaCare is the biggest fight possibly of our lifetime — it will define this country for generations to come.

Sure, the fight will be tough, but it’s winnable.

All we have to do is cut off the money spigot.

You Can Sign My Petition to Defund Obamacare – Sign It Here Now

Are You Wondering About the Second Step?

During this letter I’ve stressed the importance of signing the League of American Voters’ Defund ObamaCare petition, but there is a second step.

I want to invite you to join me as a member of the League.

The League is one of the most influential grass-roots organizations in America.

It was the League that almost single-handedly stopped ObamaCare from pushing through the so-called “public option,” which would have resulted in a Soviet-style socialist healthcare system even worse than ObamaCare.

During the union bosses’ drive to recall Gov. Scott Walker after his courageous fight against public employee unions who were draining Wisconsin taxpayers dry, the League produced and aired commercials supporting the governor.

We won that battle too.

And in 2010 the League led the fight to retain the Bush tax cuts that were so beneficial to the middle class.

Our national efforts for retaining the Bush tax cuts were led by former Sen. Fred Thompson.

We have won battles before.

I believe we can win this one and Defund ObamaCare.

But this won’t happen overnight.

First, I need you to sign the petition.

I need you then to encourage other people on your email list and other friends to sign the petition.

Once that is done the League is going to use its full resources to demand that Congress pass no more funding that enables implementation of ObamaCare.

If President Obama doesn’t like it, too bad.

The Constitution says Congress provides the spending and budgets.

And Congress can decide to stop giving the funding!

When I was young my dad taught me a lesson I never forgot.

He told me to fight battles on principle — even when victory is not clear.

This time we not only have the right cause, we have a real chance of victory.

Please take a moment to sign the Defund ObamaCare petition today and join with me in ending ObamaCare once and for all.

You Can Sign My Petition to Defund Obamacare – Sign It Here Now


Yours for America,

Michael Reagan


P.S. Signing the Defund ObamaCare petition costs you absolutely nothing. But after signing you will have an opportunity to join the League of American Voters. You will join hundreds of thousands of Americans who support our call for freedom. The petition drive is just one part of a larger plan to stop ObamaCare and fully defund it. We need support from people like you to do this. You Can Sign My Petition to Defund Obamacare – Sign It Here Now

P.P.S. Please sign the petition and, if you can, join the League with a donation. As an added incentive, if you donate $50 or more I will send you a FREE copy of the “ObamaCare Survival Guide.”

Remember it is a No.1 New York Times best-seller and retails for almost $20. With shipping it would cost you almost $25. So for a $50 donation to the league and membership in its valuable organization, you will receive this important book which will help guide you and your family through the dangerous waters of ObamaCare.

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